Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Last night's thunder storm must have cost my body's discomfort. Today had been raining on and off too. No improvement on my back.

Mom's got her final cataract surgery checkup with her ophthalmologist today. Her eyes are fine so she can go get new glasses now. It's good to know that her shingles is v2 and does not invade her eye. However, I've mistaken the appointment at 10:30 instead of 10:50. So we were 20 minutes early. Didn't look at the clock, but I'm sure we were done buying take-out food by noon. Since the expensive FM parcel may arrive today, we didn't go anywhere else and came straight home. I over ate a bit. The sticky rice wrap felt very oily and heavy in MSG than usual. Only had 4 hours sleep last night, so I crashed after lunch. First dosing off at the desk, then finally gave up and went to bed. Slept until 7. Stomach still felt heavy so I ate very little.

After dinner, mom wanted to visit Mrs. K as requested. She asked for help on her fig tree. Mom brought over some sticks and made a long handle for picking figs... but didn't work because it lacks a good blade. Chatted with Mrs. K for a while, then I went to brother's to feed the Guinea pigs. Made use of his free long distant phone plan and talked to M for 2 hours. Also called W but he was still working, so we didn't talk for long.

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