Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Picture and beads

Finally! L's picture is finished! Yay~!!!!! Of course didn't do anything much besides working on it for months. Oops, forgot about sis-in-law's bead shop order. That one was finally submitted too. A warping 500 bucks!!!! (450 + 50 shipping) I'll have to band myself from buying any more for a whole year.

So, tomorrow still need to do a final check on that picture, then off to the photo lab it goes.

BTW, last night just before midnight, dogs were barking like crazy. It went on for a while so I peek out the window, and saw unusual lighting on the house across the street. It took me a while to figure out that was a spot light from a wagon. It was the K9 unit going after a sedan! They each have a dog but it was mostly the police dog that was barking. The driver was told to take his dog and stand aside while the cop searched his car. Apparently he seemed to be someone known to the police. Too bad nothing was found and he was released. The whole ordeal felt like a drug search. Hmm... my neighbour is not safe at all... (T_T)

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