Saturday, February 25, 2012


Super windy... Super busy day... Started with a bunch of health test at the lab. Long lineup with 6 parties in front. Couldn't get up early enough and had to endure an empty stomach for longer than necessary. I didn't read the instructions clearly and thought no food and liquid for 10 hours. In fact, water is fine. All I drank was one mug of water after getting up. The nurse had problem drawing blood from my left arm and left a big bruise. He said it could be from not drinking enough water, but how come my right arm yielded normal blood flood? Also, the urine test didn't ask for the first pee in the morning. Well... I didn't have much to drink anyway. After the cardiogram, I got to go home at 2:10. (Got there at 12:30.)

Mom was going to visit dad but gave up thanks to strong wind. So I drove her. She wants to aim at meal time, so the next one was afternoon snack. Parking was way better than lunch time. Dad was sleeping when we arrived at 3:15. He missed the snack. (The staff didn't wake him up.) Mom got him up and of course, a puddle of pee on his bed and he was wet all the way up to his shoulder blades. Immediately mom got him to sit on the toilet because he hadn't pooped yet. He needed to be changed, but there was absolutely no clothes in his room! I asked a staff, and she showed me to the public shower room. Dad's clothes were stored in 3 garbage bags away from his room. Probably because he keeps playing with them, possibly wetting them, and mixing them with dirty clothes. (He likes to "destroy" the evidence = the fact that he peed himself.) Nevertheless, he remembered me today.

Then I needed to puck up S's b-day gift card at Whole Food. When I was done, it was almost 4:30. Mom suggested me to check out the foam store, and so we went. It was busy. Customers kept coming in. There was only one sales guy. I also had tons of questions. So, between questions, we'd try stuff on, and other people cut in. All things considered, I went ahead and placed the order. (He was very eager to have me leave a deposit... Hmmm...) The exact size will have to be phoned in on Monday. The place closes at 5:50. We were done at 5:45. The sale guy lost his smile once pass 5:30.

Mom suggested we eat out near by, so we went to the cafe restaurant next block. (We found an awesome parking spot right in front of it, which was rare.) Just made it to the afternoon tea menu, and managed to beat the dinner crowd. Mom complained about the lack of hot water in the washroom faucet. (She actually talked to the manager! Wow!!!!!! The sun's gonna rise from the west tomorrow!!!!) Then all through the meal, she whined about not being able to rinse the soap thoroughly and her hands smelling like soap. Got home at 6:50. Immediately she turn on the TV to catch her favorite Korean drama. I bugged her about washing her hands. She said she'd do it during commercial. Hmmm...

Continued looking for the 6mm silver stamping bead caps. Can't believe they're so hard to find! Then of course wasted a lot of time searching for the best store. Still, they're not cheap...

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