Thursday, February 02, 2012


Dad's b-day today as he celebrates according to the lunar calendar. Brother came pick us up and the 3 of us went to see him. He was eating lunch... with a puddle of dripping pee on the floor. Sigh... he's completely lost control. As it's his b-day, of course we brought cake. As soon as he saw it, he had to have it, even before he finished eating lunch. He couldn't even wait until I finish taking a picture. Sigh...

After we were done at the nursing home, it was our turn to eat lunch, at a Vietnamese restaurant brother sometimes goes to. The portions are huge! Mom likes it because of the portion size. Well... it wasn't the most delicious meal, but very edible.

The sun's been out recently so I took some Pinky mugshots with niece N's Pinkys. Dinner with brother's gang.

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