Thursday, February 23, 2012

Folding stool

Brother came to have a haircut and then took mom to see dad. I kinda assumed they'd include me but I was wrong. (T_T) (How can I not feel abandoned by the world?) Mom made some food to bring to dad, made a sandwich for brother, and told me to eat last night's leftover beef noodles. Not a big problem until they were trying to leave. Then of course I complained. They waited for me. But it could have been better organized.

Got lucky parking at the nursing home. There are only 8 spots. All full. Someone walked out so we waited, and took their spot. Dad just finished eating lunch. Mom gave him the food, plus an apple. She gave dad a haircut while I followed brother to pick up some DIY supply. By chance, I ran into a 3-step leader on sale for $18 from $45. It's perfect for A! He needs something better than that old and wobbly dinning chair for changing light bulbs or reaching the top shelves. Today was the last day too. I was struggling so much. However, A probably won't like the size of that thing. He's gonna store it in the locker. Then he's not gonna fetch it all the way from P2 when he needs it. So, it becomes useless. I gave up. There has to be a better one somewhere else.

Then, again, by chance, I saw a fold-up stool with generous cushioning and a small back. Feels light and sturdy too. Perfect for mom when she visits dad. She complained there's no where to sit on, as dad usually pees on his bed. I told her that she can borrow a chair from the dinning room, but she said those are too heavy. Really? I think it's only an excuse just to shoot me down. She never listens to me. My opinion is always wrong to her. I mean nothing to her. Anyway, I told her about the purchase. And she gave me a face looking like I'm forcing her eat crap or something, and scolded me for increasing junk in the house. Sigh... no wonder why I'm so bad at buying gifts. I said, she doesn't have to carry that thing when she takes transit. I'll drop her off before my appointment. All she need is to bring it from the car to dad's room on the 3rd floor. It wasn't until after we got home, and I demonstrated how to operate the chair, (there's a lock to prevent accidental unfolding), then she seemed less reluctant. She even tried to pay me back at night. Of course that was meant for her new-year gift. I just can't forget that face she gave me...

Finally went to Seahorse and tried out the mattresses. The one mom recommended and one level up were too hard. Only the "diam0nd" series feels right. You can tell from its name. Very expensive. Mom told me it's just above $200 when she phoned. The saleslady told me it's in the low $300's. The "diamond" one is almost mid $500. OK... back to the carppy foam.

Brother mentioned his neighbour is building a garage house, and suggested that we could do the same. This house is old and all sorts of problem are showing up. The storm drain alone will cost about $30000 to repair. Might be a much better deal to rebuild the whole house. In that case, both me and mom will have to use most of our savings. I'll have no savings left, and no income. And I really don't know what's gonna happen afterwards...

After the mattress store, I went to the Thai (?) dollar store for some pencil lead and double-sided tape. Saw some descent-looking nail stickers. Couldn't resist. Also a $0.99 metal reacher. Mom's friend M asked me to pick one up for her a while ago. She's lucky. I bought mine for $8! (Haven't checked the quality yet.)

Then I went to see L. Not sure what's going on, but the store was closed with a "back in 10 minutes" sign. So I walked to Y's new location in the neighbouring mall. It's been a few years! I thought Y's shop was closed down forever until a month ago. I happened to pass by and saw his new store in a different mall. Today I finally get a chance to visit him. We chatted a bit, then I went back to L's store. It was still closed. Oh well. So I left.

Next stop, Superstore for mom's fake Ensure. She heard from a church friend about this cheaper version, probably a store brand. So I got some for her to try.

It wasn't completely on my way, but I didn't want to leave soy milk in the trunk unrefrigerated. So I went to Michael's first. Picked up some clearance wooden stuff. Just when I was about to give up on the cheap furniture, a staff passed by and greeted me, asking if I found everything I need. I asked her about the furniture, and amazingly she took me to them! There were very few left and hiding on the bottom shelf. (They were on very high shelves before. Perhaps that's why I missed them. Looking in the wrong places!!!!) Sadly, they were kind of beaten up. I found 2 broken ones and got 30% off them. They're good for parts. I bought a total of 4, and will end up with 3 good ones if I successfully repair them.

Last stop, soy milk. Then I was headed home. Midway, I felt something was wrong. Michael's total should not exceed $15, yet I was charged about $24. So I had to find somewhere to stop and check the bill, which was in the trunk. (I have to keep the trunk locked thanks to a defective window.) While I went into a parking lot, I hit one of those concrete dividers!!!! OMG it made a really nasty noise!!! (T_T) OTL!!! I got very upset and was ready to give up and just go home. Then I weighted things some more, and decided to turn around a second time. If I didn't, it would have bugged me until I go back. So, it was those clearance wooded thingys! The real ones were $0.49 each. But people leave things in the wrong place and I ended up picking up the wrong stuff!!!! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!! Luckily, the return went smooth. Except for the Airmiles. I forgot to present my card, and it's not possible to add points after the transaction was completed.

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