Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thought I could make it to the chiropractor in the morning, and set the appointment early on purpose, but of course I screwed it up. (T_T) Luckily things still went relatively smooth. After stopping by dad's, I was able to meet A before 1, visited Innocent, and had lunch at Wicked. Then some grocery shopping at G Island. On our way back, we even stopped by Matchstick. That's 3 different cafes in one day...yikes! Finally got to see that new Dollarama. Ironically, I didn't buy anything but A found some mailing supplies. After dropping the grocery off at his place, we came back out to look at my mattress. It's gonna cost me around $650 after tax... yikes!!!! Need to think for a bit more. (Want to look at other places too.) Dinner at Earl's, hung out at A's, and that was it. Actually went to many places today.

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