Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Chiropractor day, thank God. Was hoping to stop by that bead store but didn't have enough time. Why am I always late? Why am I so screwed up?

Went to see dad after the appointment. He was napping in bed... and of course wet himself and the bed. Mom asked me to bring a banana so I told him to get up and eat. It took him 10 minutes. (Later mom said when he wet the bed, he doesn't like to get up so you don't see what happened.)

I had 3 choices after visiting dad. (1) Michael's for cheap wood palm-size furniture. (2) Choice market to see if the ice-cream is on sale. (3) Bay to get a lotion sample. I ended up spending an hour at Michael's. Couldn't find any of those cheap toy furniture. Oh well. Didn't buy anything. That's really rare.

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