Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fiat day

Chiropractor day. I really needed one yesterday. Well, today, my arms are feeling slightly better. Or did I just start to get used to it? Stopped by to see dad afterwards, and of course he had soiled his bed. This time there was some crap too. Sigh...

Went to G Island after that. Thought I'd pick up A's beans at the new place he discovered, but I couldn't find it! It was freezing cold walking around. He claimed he's sent me a link but no he didn't. And, somehow, the street name has a prefix and doesn't match with the name he gave me. With my moronic way-finding skills, I search with the first letter. Of course I couldn't find it. Didn't want to give up as I was already standing in the area, I kept walking up and down. And, yay~ finally found it after half-an-hour of walking in freezing cold. But, but! It was closed with a sign saying "out for delivery". Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!! After all these, I had to leave empty-handed! And, my back started to freeze up again! So soon after a treatment! Sob sob sob sob sob...

Yeah, I wasn't happy at all... but what can I do????

Too cold to take a picture of the 2nd Fiat (grey) on G Island.

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