Sunday, February 26, 2012

B-day party

S's b-day party. Failed to go to bed early again. (T_T) Once past a certain time, I can't fall asleep and ended up sleeping less then 2 hours. (T_T) Seems like it's a rule that I screw up my sleep on the weekends. Technically speaking, I had enough time, but the knock was illusive. I had to catch it. (Cannot afford to miss it... but I forgot one important thing. It's a sign that the vampire is close.)

Picked up A, picked up the pastry, and arrived at the party 15 minutes late. Phew... I thought we'd be much later. Guests were still arriving. There were tons of food! R&B over-done it. The vampire was approaching so I wasn't feeling well. We left at 5:15 and went to the West Van Michael's to hunt for the wooden toy furniture. Only yielded 3 pieces, with 2 damaged. Got a small discount but I'll have to fix them. Then, the vampire officially showed up. (T_T) Took a pill immediately so I wouldn't faint. I managed to hang out at A's until 10, for cheaper gas. And yes it was cheaper in deed.

Yesterday's blood test left a big bruise...

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