Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In this dream, I took someone (a friend?) to the hospital, and at some kind of departmental front desk, there were a few US GIs. One of them was a handsome blonde guy in his early 20's. He was fatally injured, yet still managed to walk around unaided. His left leg was detached. Blood vessels were swollen and blisters bursting. At his point, he looked like he came out from the middle of an autopsy, or those anatomy models with internal structures showing. His leg was actually detached all the way from his chest. On closer look, there were lots of clips and clamps closing loose vessels on his body. I thought, my, my, this guy's gonna die for sure. But he seemed very hopeful and cheerful. All of a sudden, my POV was from him. I was looking through his eyes. And I became him, and walked around a bit.

There was a second part but it's gone by the time I sat down and write this. Hmm... isn't it Valentine's day today? What's with this grotesque dream??? (T_T)

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