Sunday, April 01, 2012


It's April Fool's but doesn't concern me. Or is this dream a trick God played on me?

2 parts. First part, I was at home. It was in the middle of the night. There was some noise so I peeked through the lace curtains in my computer room window, and saw another room instead of the street. It was kind of like a classroom or some sort of control room with 2 rolls of desks with equipments. 2 beings were in there with their backs facing me. The one almost immediately on the other side of the wall was a guy with short hair. The other being was one roll in front... and it was a little grey. Somehow I felt really scared, and knew that the short hair guy realized I peeked. (Some parts were missing here.) I was with my family and I told mom that we were watched by aliens. Possibly held by them. ("They" felt more like ghosts.) Mom's didn't say anything but her reaction told me that she know it all along.

Part 2. I was with a male friend... but no idea who. We were trying to figure out what physic powers we had. Mine was "magnetic". A Polo-Mint-like metal egg was used. It stuck to my hand and wouldn't fall off. But I can still throw it at will, and "suck" it back. Immediately I was chased after by a bunch of special power people trying to determine who's the strongest. I tried to escape. We were in this building with weird design. Open stairwells going up and down, rounded cone shape walls. They caught up with me near the top. By now there were a lot more of them, but not everyone was trying to catch me. We all got stuck in that section of stairwell and hung out there. There were more but that's all I can remember.

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