Sunday, April 15, 2012

Truly Lemon shortbread

From 2011 October. Thank God, this is way better than the strawberry one! Or maybe my expectation was much lower? At least it doesn't taste like cough syrup. The lemon actually goes well with the cream and short bread. The tartness dangerously masks the heaviness and anything unpleasant. I was hungry and ate 5 cookies in a sitting. Then my stomach felt like it was filled with wax, and my heart was racing afterwards! My artery must have been clogging! One amazing thing though: there's no sour aftertaste! If I eat sweets, I usually get that, but not this time. Which means, they didn't use real sugar!?!?!?!?

Actually, I'm wrong. "Sugar" is the second item on the ingredient list. Don't see any sweeteners but there are quite a few "modified" items. Well, it doesn't say "0 transfat".

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