Tuesday, April 03, 2012


P came to pick up the tax papers, and told us how faith lead them saw his mother-in-law the last time. Mom told him her experience with aunt Y. However, her story changed. The day she phoned me up, she said she got aunt Y to drink some soup, then she chocked, had trouble breathing, then passed away. Now, she completely left out the soup drinking part. She even said aunt Y couldn't and didn't drink any. Well... I know I'm mean, but I can't stop thinking mom must be erasing unfavorable memories for convenience. I've always wonder, if mom didn't get aunt Y to drink that soup, she might live a little longer...

Eat-out day with brother's gang... at that big soup noodle combo restaurant.

Not sure if yesterday's walking to the bank's causing my lower back aches. Thighs definitely have muscle pain. Glad to hear that M has lost 20-something pounds from hiking. I should really get more exercise. My body is going downhill fast. Not to mention the mysterious aches on my left shoulder.

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