Friday, November 04, 2011


The small bottles from E arrived. Seems OK. One has a missing bottom, though.

Got a call from a doctor from the rehab center. It's been about 6 months? I thought the neurologist had given up on me, but I'm glad that he didn't. The waiting list is 8 months. No wonder.

Went to get the glass bowl set at CT. Parked at Whole Foods for their parking refund. However, my usual favorite chips was discontinued. Took a while to come up with the right thing to fill the minimum purchase.

For the first time ever, I forgot my Pinky (at the chiropractor's). I tried calling immediately, but strangely, my phone didn't work. I tried calling home and it didn't work either. I waited until I finished at CT, only then my phone worked. Very strange.

Nevertheless, the reception lady put my Pinky aside, and I went back for it afterwards. Even got time to pay my B card bill. Amazing.

Spent the night cleaning the vials that arrived today... plus those I put off cleaning. Didn't get to pint... Technically speaking, I must mail the stuff before the 8th.

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