Monday, November 07, 2011

Test 1

Big day for the full-day test. Parking wouldn't work, so I took the bus. It was rainy and cold. Besides the doctor, there was actually a separate examiner who gave me the test. Somehow the doctor didn't know she's got a medical appointment around lunch time, so we rushed the test a little. It went well. Then she went to her appointment, and I ate my lunch (pastry) in the reception area. Luckily I cold get some hot water from the cafeteria.

Despite finishing the first half of the test early, we only had half-an-hour for lunch. The examiner was late. At first, I was told to wait in the office, but after a while, the doctor asked me to wait in the waiting room instead. He said he wanted to talk to the examiner before continuing with my test. The she came back, trying to bring me back to the office. But of course I told her the doctor wanted to talk to her first. I kept on waiting in the waiting area.

A few moments pasted. The doctor came to tell me that it was for everyone's interest to continue the test on a later day. The examiner seemed to be upset. (I wonder if it has something to do with her "medical appointment". However, as far as I could see, she looked fine after lunch.) The funny thing was, I left my coat and water bottle in the office. Instead of letting me pick them up myself, the doctor asked where I put them, and fetched them for me. I followed him to the door. It was a super awkward goodbye. Hmm...

The rain stopped on my trip home.

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