Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Florescent tubes

Had lunch with uncle and aunt Y, and went to visit dad together. As usual, he took apart another piece of clothing. This time it's the pair of pants from cousin B. Sigh.... Plus, he peeled the coating off his nice glasses case. (T_T) And of course, he stubbornly denied he had wet his pants or even need to go to washroom. Yet he released one full load before he got to the toilet. One strange thing was, he was wearing diapers but he managed to wet his pants, slippers, and the chair.

Uncle Y helped me with the stuck florescent tube. Thanks~ However, the brand new tubes still didn't work. After calling up C the handy man, because the ends of the tubes were responsive, the transformer should still be good. We were told that all 8 contact points have to be perfect otherwise the tubes would not work. Both mom and I took turns to try, but still couldn't fix it. The fixture is simply way too tight. Cousin D helped us install them... like 10 years ago? He didn't do it properly. And of course we don't want to go back to him because of late aunt Y.

So, I had to paint in the dark. Not much progress. Sent J the product photos for applying a table.

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