Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Test 2 con't

Last Tuesday's test was postponed to today. To prevent having to move my car every 2 hours, I took the bus. It was drizzling and cold. But not as cold as day 1, when I needed to get up at 7 and compete with the morning rush hour.

It was also eat-out day with brother's gang. I barely made it home, like, 4:50, 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup. But brother was half-an-hour late. We went to see dad first as usual. Then we ate at a Taiwanese place near brother's home. (The girls like Taiwanese cuisine, especially the chicken nuggets). Sis-in-law ordered some kind of mixed steak combo, and one of the "steak" was really bad. It was like minced left-over meat dipped in egg. Totally gross. Don't let the nice-looking photo fool you!

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