Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Our microwave died. I think I killed it. I pressed a button and everything went out. It was less than a year old. Warranty should still work but the receipt is lost. It was only 50 bucks. You do get what you pay for.

Then later in the afternoon, my florescent lights burnt out too. (I'm convinced that I'm cursed.) So, around 4, mom and I went shopping for new lights and microwave.

Since our last microwave was bought at Superstore, we naturally hit there fist. Their selection was pitiful. Only 2 to choose from, and not cheap either. They don't have florescent tubes either. We didn't want to cross the bridge, but there was no choice. Next stop, Home Depot. Got a 10-pack because it's $2 each. Otherwise it's $3 each.

Then the Richmond branch of Superstore. This one had our old model. But we still didn't want to commit before seeing more. So LD was next. They do have a good selection. Mom was concern more about the price then anything else. After much consideration, we had a Panasonic one in mind. It was regular price, so we didn't want to buy it right there. It's also better to ask brother for his opinions first.

The work-around I came up for the airbrush was to use a paint brush first. It looks super ugly for the first 4 layers but once past that point, airbrushing is much easier.

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