Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The second package of Pinkys from Japan arrived. This was economic shipping and didn't require any signature. The postman left the box in front of our door, rang the doorbell, and left. The content seems to be fine although the item description says it's used and damaged. Cool! (Or maybe I'll find out later.) The box is way too big, though. Yes, it cost extra S&H for this type of cheap shipping, but this is over packaging! I guess I can reuse the box. And, the shipping cost is cheaper than EMS.

It was the crazy Michael's coupon event. Can I miss it? Noooo. However, I didn't go early in the morning. It was late morning and I fear the good stuff would be all gone. Luckily my worries were not necessary. There were plenty of boxes. My main goal was accomplished quickly. It was picking out sis-in-law's Christmas gift that took a long time. When I was done, it was already 2:30.

It was a rare sunny day, a perfect day to visit Dressew. So I call A up, hoping to borrow his bus past. To my surprise, he switched to working from home for the rest of the day. (Awww which meant he wasn't feeling well.) Thanks for lending me your bus pass. I hung out a bit too long at his place. It was 4 when I boarded the train. One hour (actually less) was not enough to look at everything. I didn't even notice when they closed and was literally kicked out. Managed to get some ribbons, but not exactly what I want. I only made the purchase because I was rushed. Oh well, it was only a few bucks. I'll need to go back later.

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