Friday, November 11, 2011

Cross-border shopping

Hitched a ride with brother across the border. I didn't know it was a group trip with his church friends and would go further south than usual. My objective was to pick up Christmas gifts and a little bit of grocery and everyday items.

Line up at the border was bad, but I've seen worse. Perhaps the bad weather helped? (Like, made some people drop their plans?) I'm not sure why, but I almost always fail to sleep well the night before such a trip. (More like, fail to go to bed early.) So I've been groggy all along. Can't remember much.

Didn't want to leave the Premium outlet empty-handed, so I picked up some panties. (Need some anyway.) The price went up! By the time we went back to the car, the parkade was full!! Yikes!! Lunch was at a burger joint which looked like McDonald's class but was actually closer to Fat Burger inside.They bring you your food.

Brought some food items at Wincos, Ross, and Walmart. Dinner at Costco. The rain finally stopped at sunset. Oh well. We didn't get to stop at any Michale's. Joann only lasted less than 30 minutes because one of the families had no interest in craft supply and was waiting in the car. Brother didn't want to keep them waiting. All I managed to do was to buy a roll of ribbon. Did not get to see anything else! Fail!!! That, was the lamest Joann stop ever!!!! (To be fair, I did get some food stuff, so I can't say the trip itself was lame.)

At the end, I didn't find any shoes or cloths. I wanted to get some vertical strip ribbons and tiny rubber alphabet stamps too. Of course didn't happen. Oh well...

The back of the van was full. We did buy lots of stuff.

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