Friday, January 27, 2012

10-grain rice

Still mad from last night.

Got to lie down for about 4 hours, but no sleep. Couldn't fall asleep. And I always end up covered in sweat when I do that. My internal clock must be all messed up.

As promised, got ready by 11. Uncle and aunt Y picked up aunt L first, and we all went to visit dad. Mom made sure he's dressed before letting anyone into his room. The floor was wet and looked like it was just mobbed. However, the moment you enter his room, the strong stinking urine smell makes you jump back out right away. Was the floor actually mobbed? Or did dad smear whatever puddle was around trying to hide it?

We only stayed for about half an hour. Uncle took us to a dim sum place we've never been to. The food was good. And we managed not to over order, which always happens when we have dim sum.

After lunch, we went to the T&T across the street looking for the 10-grain rice on sale. Too bad it was sold out. Then we went home. It was 3:30 so I decided to try the Richmond branch. Mom went with me. Bingo, they had tons. Strangely, their price was marked higher, but the cashier charged us the sale price. Perhaps that's why it wasn't sold out. Everyone thought it wasn't on sale. The difference was less then 50 cents, though.

While dosing off at my desk, I worked on L's b-day picture for the rest of the day and all night... Can't come up with anything I like... Kept changing the picture... Why has drawing become so difficult??? (T_T)

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