Thursday, January 05, 2012


Super disappointed. A refuses to see Milos with me. This is one of those "I need you" instances but he pushes me away. ("I need your help", "I need your understanding", "I need your support"...) Funny he made it sound so logical and democratic. Crap, is this actually funny? Maybe not. I'm more upset than I think I'd be.

Not sure if there's anyone else to ask. Tried J&M but no answer yet. They may not even be in town next weekend. Can't mix with C&S. What should I do... what should I do...?

Worst case scenario, I might have to go alone, which, will not be a pleasant experience. Sigh... I know I can't force A. It's not fair for me to make him do something he dislike. But there are way too many instances that make me think he's just excreting excuses, as he considers his time is so much more precious than other people's. (And what does he do? Play games or search for online deals.) Sigh... Is a companion to see a movie too much to ask for? (T_T)

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