Thursday, January 26, 2012

Installation (2)

Mom didn't finish altering dad's pants so she didn't go visit him today. I of course didn't go out until 4. Haven't heard from N, and L's home phone number is no longer good. His cell phone only took voice mail. So I went to uncle Y's to look at his computer without visiting L&N. Since I've been so used to seeing the newest stuff at A's, his gigantic laptop looks like a dinosaur. Yet he still keeps the clear wrap which is by now all warn and very gross. His screen is somewhat blurry too. I didn't think I could fix his problem but I'd still take a look. After guessing and trying a few things, and with A on the other side of the phone, the software was installed successfully. Phew... (Amazing... ooops, I forgot to buy a lottery ticket!!!)

Mom used me in her phone conversations again. Very upset. Very angry. How can she accuse me of not telling her anything? She has no one to blame but herself. I swear I'll never tell her anything ever again. Never. I'm so upset I can't sleep. There's a big visit and I'll probably end up with less then 4 hours sleep. Yet I don't care. I'm in self-destruct mode. Yes, the vampire is around the corner. I don't think I can control it.

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