Monday, January 09, 2012

Rehab Center

The first online order arrived, cool! I was gonna drop mom off to dad before my appointment but she wanted to be there at noon, so it didn't work. We took separate trips.

First treatment appointment today. Basically just goal setting and a simple homework assignment. One more thing nailed. My thought process is chaotic.

Of course mom got home first. With no time wasted, I didn't even go in. Picked her up and went to Mrs. K's who's on a trip. Mom's been checking her home while she's gone. Yesterday the carbon monoxide alarm has been beeping so mom got nervous. We checked today and it didn't seem too dangerous, except for it's plugged into a wall outlet. My dying battery theory doesn't hold up. We decided not to mug with it after calling Mrs. K up.

Ran a few errands... the teller tried so hard to sell me "investment accounts" which turn out to be the $5000 tax-free saving account. Geeze... He didn't even know what he was talking about. Wasted a lot of my time. I should have just said not today right away. They must be getting a commission for each sign-up or something. Got F's baby card... Got some grocery... Went home kept dosing off at the desk (as usual). It's eat-out day with brother's gang. Today's also niece G's b-day so we went to get some mini fruit tarts (as usual). Mom made a bunch of calls at brother's. Came home, and again, kept dosing off at the desk. (T_T)

A might be changing his mind about this Sunday's movie. It would be good if he can go.

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