Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thanks A for coming with me. Actually I failed to sleep early again and ended up with less than 4 hours. Was hoping to go to Richmond but of course time wouldn't allow. A wanted pizza for lunch so I pick it up on my way. Expecting parking difficulties, we took transit.

We just made it. The movie hadn't started yet. I expect to see ads forced onto the audiences, but there was none! The screen stayed back without music. I suspect the theater was waiting for more people to show up and postponed a little. Then, then I couldn't believe my eyes. A text-only Blu-ray menu! A confirmed it. Yikes! Didn't this mean I've paid full ticket price to watch a Blu-ray???? Why??? What happened to the film???

Of course the image quality was disappointing. But the unpleasant theater stuff wasn't too bad, probably thanks to a less then half full Sunday lunchtime showing. (I hate the smell of second-handed popcorn and being disturbed by noisy little kids.) Today's experience was pleasant. Well, largely because I'm a big fan.

Got home by 5 as new year reunion dinner started at 6. Mom had arrange brother to pick us up at 5:30 but he didn't show up until 5:45. We made it on time but everyone else had arrived (which was what mom fear). Oh well. There was lots of leftover food after the feast.

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