Friday, January 06, 2012


Thanks B for the b-day dinner invite. (It happens to be the same day as the Orthodox Church Christmas eve.) Got up late again (fail!) and as a result, went to Richmond late. Got A his coffee beans, and forced CT into my trip. I was very disappointed that the measuring cup with lid was 2 liters. Way too big. (The flyer didn't say how big.) The glass Tupperware was way smaller than I thought. (Again, the flyer didn't say how big.) Not willing to leave empty-handed, I got a set anyway. Those are useful stuff. (However, I forgot about the $1 magic eraser! Fail!)

It's been raining and traffic was bad. I could feel my jaws, neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs tensing and freezing up. Of course my mood also dropped. Got really pissed off at other drivers (got cut off many times when traffic was already hardly moving, plus way too many red lights). Picked A up from his place and went to Costco for B's b-day gift card. I needed washroom while he ate a hotdog. Got 1/3 of his hotdog.

We were late for half-an-hour at R&B's. Luckily R was still not home picking S up from daycare. S was really interested in A's i-pad... at such a young age! (Well... there are frogs and lizards playing i-phone games on Youtube.) Parking ran out at 7:30 so A bought another hour. We stayed until 9:15. Drove him home, hung out at his place and read flyers. Too bad he only has Fridays'. The CT one was from Wednesday. I searched online but failed to find which store has the $1 magic eraser. Oh well...

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