Monday, January 16, 2012


Failed to go to bed at my ideal time. Couldn't fall asleep and ended up with no sleep. (T_T) This, is the first thing the doctor's gonna help me fix.

Brother came over for a hair cut. As usual he shower and wash his hair afterwards. The bathroom is right next to my room, so the noise bugged the heck out of me. Of course stayed awake during the whole time he was here. When I finally got up, everyone's gone. He's taken mom to see dad. I was supposed to drop her off before my appointment. Oh well... She could have at least left me a note. Alone in the house, I felt a bit lost.

Late for my appointment for 10 minutes. Handed in my homework drawing which I failed to relate to. Perhaps the doctor thinks the original plan wouldn't work. We ended up jumping into some kind of behavior modification treatment which name I forgot. (Bad at taking notes.) Hope this works on my sleep.

Called up brother, no answer. Called home, no answer either. Felt lost again. So I just headed to dad as originally planned. Here, mom was waiting in his room. Turns out she did write me a note, but didn't display it. OTL

Picked up some grocery on our way home. It's gonna be -7 degree tonight. Tomorrow's highest is 0. Will not be a good day to go out.

My heating pad chose the coldest night to break. (T_T)

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