Monday, October 03, 2011


Cousin K and H pulled it off. They had slightly below 4 hours between flights, and met up with me (and mom) for a quick lunch. But the main objective was for cousin K to hand me the clothes. Their arrival flight was 15 minutes early at 10, but cousin H had some trouble with her luggage. The staff reported it missing but was soon found on the carrousel. No harm done, just a lot of running around for about 20 minutes.

By the time I picked them up, it was 11:30. Their next flight was 1:50 with 1:10 boarding. Cousin H recommended a dim sum place she went to last time. We quickly ordered and ate up fast. An hour passed by so fast, we didn't do anything else besides eating lunch. They were dropped off at 12:50, should be OK, but you never know how long the security lineup is. It was China airline to Beijing. Large plane with lots of passengers. Hope they made it.

Did some grocery shopping and then went home. Of course I kept dosing off at the desk. Didn't accomplish much besides cleaning up blog entries...

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