Sunday, October 23, 2011


It was a nice sunny day yet my back has reached it's limited... again. Yup, 10-day interval landed on Saturday so I tried to stretch it out to Monday. Today is the bottom of the pit. Numb. Very numb...

Thought it would be perfect to start using the airbrush. After fiddling around, there was only an hour left before brother came pick us up. So... failed today...

Eat-out day with brother's gang. Mom wanted him to come for a hair cut because she "thinks he needs one". He's busy so he declined. Then mom said we had leftovers so we didn't need to eat out. What was that??? Was it the "my way or no way"??? How much more passive aggressive she's gonna be???

Brother seems to be really busy, and didn't insist. But within 5 minutes after mom hung up, sis-in-law called, saying J will be there too. We will probably be sharing a table at a December craft fair again, so I wouldn't mind seeing her. So I talked to mom again, and she agreed to go.

15 minutes before pickup time, cousin K called. I knew she would be tired from her trip, so even though she said she'd call last night and didn't, I'm not worried. But that was just too perfect timing. She couldn't picked a worst time to call. And, as usual, cousin H had bad-mouthed us again. I didn't have time to hear the details, though. Again, I'm not surprised.

Brother took us to a Taiwanese restaurant east of Metrotown. Both the price and food were good. Except for the waitress screwed up 2 of our orders, switching lamb with beef. Brother was sketching even during dinner. Yup busy, no kidding. It was niece G's Halloween costume design. OK... I do think he's shooting himself in his foot in such a busy time... although the end product is good enough to sell as a professionally done costume. He seems to be combining gatherings too. A bunch of his church friends joined us and our table ended up sitting 16. Turn out J didn't have any info about the craft fair yet. Oh well.

I get the feeling that he's trying to condition me to his church friends, in order to push me to church.

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