Saturday, October 22, 2011


Cousin K's call came at 11:30. Only got 3 hours sleep. I totally forgot it was today. Apparently she called our land-line and no one answered. Of course, mom's gone to church. But I should have heard that! Strange.

Anyway, I rushed to the airport, but it still took half an hour to arrive. This time, they didn't check into their next flight, so they had their luggage with them! Crap! I didn't clear out the trunk! How careless of me! Although both cousin K and H had carry-on size luggage, they were still heavy and needed the whole trunk. So cousin K's suitcase had to be put in the back seat. Then off to lunch we went.

We arrived at the mall, and very luckily found a parking spot soon. It was quite busy. I said we should take the back-seat suit case with us because my driver's side window has a gap after the last break-in, and can easily be broken-in again. Cousin H went very unhappy and said let's forget lunch and drop them back at the airport. Sigh... (No, grrrr...) I ended up switching the winter supply box onto the back seat with the suite case. Should have done that in the first place.

The Hong Kong style cafe restaurant we planned to eat lunch at had changed their name. Without any experience, we took a chance. The price was set high, and unfortunately, the quality doesn't fallow. Cousin H didn't like the food. Geeze, she was grumpy. Yet she kept talking about her trip and what a great deal it was. OK I see. She's like C who likes to be the boss.

I was groggy so I can't remember much of the conversation. The food came and we ate. Cousin K said she's gotten so tired of Chinese food. We could have eaten downstairs at the Japanese style cafe! Why didn't they say so in the first place???

Cousin K insisted to pay because she wanted to get rid of her Canadian money. Thanks for lunch! We had very little time as their next flight departed at 3:50 and they need to check in. So we quickly finish eating and I dropped them off at the airport. Cousin H dragged her suitcase and left a scratch on my bumper. (T_T) I hate to think that she did it on purpose, but I couldn't help it. After all she's just that kind of person.

My back has been very bad since yesterday. But I thought I should still pay A a visit. So I did. He was going to get a hair-cut, but gave up the idea. (His hair wasn't that long anyway.) Instead I suggested to see the new DeSerres branch. It happened to be next to Central Hobbies, which we passed by last time and didn't get to go in because it was closed. This time we could. A was happy to see lots of model trains. Very expensive stuff, though...

Then next door, DeSerres. But they no longer have that house brand sketch book anymore! The staff I asked didn't even know if it was discounted. She was sure that everything from the move was unpacked. Ooooo... well... I should have bought some more last time.

Then I kidnapped A to Costco for some more trial mix. He got some stuff for himself too. Afterwards, he wanted steak, so we went to the Keg nearby. Parking was busy but luckily it was fine inside. No lineup. Thanks for dinner. The steak was awesome, and dessert perfect! (However, there was something I couldn't chew in the salad... the texture felt like plastic. It was so dark, I couldn't make out what it was. This photo was retouched. I'm kind of relieved to see green.)

Hung out at his place for a bit. He found a bug in his game. Got home, tried to reply Y's mail, but fell asleep at the desk. Kept having dream of suffocating sitting on my chair with my head falling backwards. I think that actually happened and not just a dream. Again, after writing this, I failed painfully to go to bed early even in perfect condition to sleep. (T_T)

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