Sunday, October 09, 2011

Babysit, duo monitor

Did a bunch of cleanup. Brother and sis-in-law have some church gatherings to attend so they dropped off their girls to us. (40th anniversary banquet $25 per head! Definitely not worthwhile to take the kids!) I managed to fix the double monitor problem before the girls started to bug me. Actually only niece N did. Niece G didn't join in until very late. She was into her i-touch games... or was it drawings?

The best solution turns out to be the most simple one. Even A exhausted his tricks on my disappeared font viewer. (Or was he fed up with me???) Reverting back to the old duo monitor setup, and then move the font viewer window back to monitor 1. That simple. I have been reluctant to do it because my back and neck have not been well. Didn't want to climb under and behind the desk. Oh well, I will not be seeing A so I guess I can risk being grumpy. (Instead of feeling pain, I feel "wrong" and become grumpy when my back goes bad.)

Then I didn't want to take a chance, so I did not install the switcher and UPS. (Sorry...) I feel more comfortable working on L's logo first. (In case something goes wrong and I'll loose the use of my machines.) It's been so late, I'm not sure if he'd even accept it. (Well, it's not done yet, of course.)

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