Monday, October 10, 2011


Eat-out day with brother's gang. But not before visiting dad. As usual, the floor was covered with his spit. It looked like he's been sitting in his room for a while because the spit was confined to near his chair. Mom asked if he finished dinner, and he said yes. So Mom gave him the banana she brought. When he was done eating, a staff brought him dinner! Did he not know if he's eaten or not? Or did he lie so that he could eat the banana first?

When mom was watching dad eat his dinner, she notice he wasn't wearing any dentures! OMG... he was already half done eating! Why didn't he notice he need dentures to eat?!?!?! It was sitting in the washroom cabinet. Mom gave it to dad, and he continued eating. Afterwards, he was fiddling with the dentures probably because he's got food trapped between it and his gums.

It's just so hopeless...

We went to the other branch of the Taiwanese fish soup noodle place. Very crowded. Long lineup. This time we were smart about portion size and ordered the right amount. (No leftovers.) Then we made a stop at brother's. Mom got to play with the Guinea pigs and I helped with harvesting lavender flowers from the stems. Then I got to have the stems. Thanks, sis-in-law! Although dad has moved out, we didn't get to do anything with the carpet and it still stinks. Less than before, but still stinks. Lavender helps.

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