Monday, October 24, 2011


Today started with a fight with mom. Last night, I've explained to her about the leftover from Saturday lunch. (It was questionable... I'll explain later.) She agreed not to eat it. But today when I got up, she's already eaten a bowl, saying she has "processed" it, washing and re-cooking and re-seasoning it. So it's fine. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK you can call me paranoid. The story actually started a few days ago. I happened to stumble across a Japanese blog post about the author's friend catching a mysterious disease after a trip to China. The symptoms are AIDS, but patients test HIV negative, it's even more infectious than SARS. Chinese government is denying its existence, and suppressing all information. Patients revenge by traveling far to donate blood, and spread body fluid like spit onto other people's tableware and food. After searching online, a few posts did come up. I can't say I'd trust this info completely, but I'd play it save.

My 2 cousins just came back from a 4-week Chinese trip. Who knows what they've c0me into contact with? Cousin H didn't use public cutlery, plus, when she packed the leftovers, she used her own fork. Sorry, after reading those articles online, I'd rather play it save. I should have discarded it before reaching home, but didn't have a chance.

I'm mad and disappointed not because of mom's pack-rat approach to food, throwing nothing away including expired stuff, but the fact that I don't feel like I can trust her anymore. She even said, if cousin H's got the disease, she'd died first. I said, does that mean you should die with her? Geeze... what was she thinking????? Every time I run into something like this, she makes me feel so hopeless and helpless. It kills my spirits... if there's any left.

Anyway, chiropractor day. Badly needed appointment. Thought I'd be on time today, but still ended up 20 minutes late. But the time I walk out the clinic, it was almost 5. Took slightly under an hour-and-a-half!!!!!!!!!!

Nonetheless, picked up some replacement cookies from Shopper's. Then stopped by DeSerres' Broadway branch for those sketch books that are on sale. There weren't too many left. I'm glad I got some. Just because they're almost sold out, I bought more than I need. Always fall for that trap. They're for my niece's Christmas presents, and now I have some for myself too.

Then went to see A because he's got cheese cake from "the best shop in town" for me... and it was heavenly! (Well I was quite hungry too.) Thanks!!! (^_^)

More and more, I notice when my moods are down, my luck goes down too. Very scary. On my way to A's, I noticed I haven't encountered a red light for a long time! That was amazing! My back was better from the chiropractor visit, and I got the sketch books. So I was pretty happy and relaxed. However, as soon as I noticed the "luck", it was gone. I hit a red light a the next major intersection. Sigh... How should I draw any conclusion?

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