Thursday, October 20, 2011


Dad's got an appointment with the psychiatrist today. He acted smarter than normal. He always knows when and how to "act normal". He was lying in bed throughout the meeting and did not spit once. I was impressed. The reason for today's meeting was because of his spitting (and I think also last Saturday's fight.) The doctor decided to increase his antidepressant dosage as it should help with inhibition. If that doesn't work, he will have to go onto a more expensive psychiatric drugs which costs about a hundred bucks a month.

The doctor and nurse went to the 5th floor while mom and I stayed behind for a bit longer. Then, only then, did I notice the wall was covered with dad's spit!!!!! Aaaargh!!!! I hope the doctor saw that too...

Posted my first item on Etsy. My shop is officially opened, yay~! But too much time was spent on the write-ups. And it looks like making money on there is not easy. I'm hesitant to post another item.

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