Saturday, May 12, 2012


Got up late and didn't meet A until he finished shopping at Aberdeen. He seemed super happy. That was good. (Although a bit alarming that his mood-swing is so big.) Had afternoon snack at Aoyama, then headed to M to pick up his PC case. He got the store to price match, so all of a sudden a monitor was added to my trunk. I barely had enough room, but thank God, we didn't have to put anything in the back seat. I couldn't believe I forgot to check out the dollar store and XS Cargo right next to M. I'm glad that those stools are not sold out. After that, Costco. A didn't buy that much but the bill went over $100! Yikes!!!!! Had junk food for dinner at A's. Tried to cook him some oatmeal, but the eggs must be old. He couldn't finish it.

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