Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mrs. May 's Fruit Rounds

Mrs. May 's Fruit Rounds Whole Strawberries, from 2011 December. The strawberry is freeze-dried. As I took the first bite, I tend to inhale a little to reduce crumbs, but ended up inhaling some powdery strawberry. Of course I chocked. Not a big deal, though.

The chocolate itself has a waxy coating that's a bit crunchy and was kind of tasteless. You can clearly tell when that layer is melted away. The dried strawberry inside is also crunchy and light. I imagine the texture is like chewing a certain type of Styrofoam. Together, they're slightly tart. It's all natural and supposed to be good stuff. Not cheap either. However, there's something that feels wrong. Maybe I'm used to the filling being moist? Maybe it's the waxy coating? Hmm... not sure...

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