Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mom's eye appointment today near Lougheed mall. I also have chiropractor but I set it later, hoping I could make it. The day went well. The drive took 40 minutes, longer than what Google says. We got there at around 1:20, over an hour early. Normally, I'd go to the mall first, but knowing mom, she's gonna be overly worried, so we went to the clinic first. Amazingly, there was no one in line. The nurses let us have our appointment right away. It's just taking measurements. Even more simple then getting glasses prescriptions. 15 minutes later, we were out. Then of course we gotta make use of this long drive, and see the mall. Bought some batteries, and some junk. Ate afternoon snack at A&W. Their sirloin mini burger is back and as good. Perfect portion to share with mom. On our way back, we pass in front of dad's nursing home, so I went in with mom's orange. (She brought along a peeled orange besides water. She seems to think she's starve if she doesn't do so.) Was going to stay for 10 minutes, but got caught by a nurse who wouldn't stop chatting. So I ended up spending half-an-hour. Oh dear, I would be late for chiropractor! They close at 5 today (so I was told) and I must not be late. After dropping mom off, I rushed to the clinic, and was 5 minutes late. (Know myself, 5 minutes is considered doing well!) There were 2 parties in front. By the time I finished, there were 3 more parties in the waiting area. So... was I lied to? Can't blame them, though... I don't even trust myself especially about time.

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