Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eruopean Festival / translations

Thanks A for taking me there. I'm glad it's so much closer this year. The stadium is a much better venue too. We no longer have to worry about seating like last time. It's covered too. However, $10 admission is too expensive. Don't the venders pay rent for the venue? (I suspect the money went largely to the unnecessary nicely printed admission tickets and food tickets.) There seemed to be fewer non-food venders too. The weather was awesome and felt like summer. I got all sweaty just form walking there. We stayed from 2:30 to 4:40, then went to Costco for both me and mom's prescriptions. Brother said their fees are cheaper and worth the drive. However, the lady told me right off that the prescriptions will only be ready after 1:30 tomorrow. Oh well, no choice. Have to leave empty-handed and go back again.

Then we went to Superstore to pick up mom's Ensure which are on-sale. A got groceries. Who would expect the box of salad leak? It left a puddle of garlic-vinegar-smelling liquid in my shopping bag. (T_T)

Can't believe I brought along a Pinky and didn't take any Pinky pictures a the festival. Fail! (T_T)

W's manual translation came later than I expected, so I spent pretty much all night working on it. Fatigue doesn't help. Forgot to attach one file, and missed another one completely. Instead of changing the copy, I changed the original, and sent the unchanged copy. The worst is, I had already deleted the original! Aaarrrggghhh!!! Luckily I still remember what I wrote, so it didn't take long to redo it. I was stupid not to double check before sending the files. At least I finished it before going to bed... And then the vampire showed up! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!

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