Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lunch and dinner

Ate out twice today. Lunch with C and L. I couldn't believe my nose. It's now confirmed that L stinks like urine. (Every time he's around, so it's not just me. I hope C didn't think it was me.) Extremely repulsive. Not sure if he's aware of it but I don't think it's appropriate for me to tell him. It just annoys the heck out of me that he keeps invading my personal space.

Forgot to take Pinky pictures at lunch. To be honest, I didn't enjoy today's lunch at all. It was awkward. L's urine stink kept bordering me. C's conversation was aggressive. She still talks about her dad at any chance she gets and use him to preach God to me. She thinks I'm against God or something. (I do believe in God, but at the same time, thinks he's toying with me and my family.) I just can't stand C's "I'm above you" attitude. Heard that S is the department supervisor now. Good for her. If I didn't slip and fall, I probably would be at that level too. (T_T)

Went for a walk with L to GI. I was there to check out the bead store, but with him around, I couldn't concentrate. The smell was that bad. I just wanted to leave asap. Then he got a call from a customer and tried to push the job to tomorrow. He seemed to hope to stay with me until dinner... yikes! So I told him I have dinner appointment, and needed to visit dad too. Tried to get him to take that customer back for today, but that guy couldn't make it anyway. It was 2:30 and just about right to go home. Strangely, traffic was bad even before 3. I couldn't stop focusing on being the first car at the red light... so many times. S scolded me on that yesterday...

Came home and tidy up the broom closet. I simply wanted to put the new light bulbs in there but there was no room left. It reminds me why I keep procrastinating the big cleanup. Dug up a bunch of junk, including salvaged electronic wires, nylon ropes, a pair of binoculars and a travailing iron from the 70's (could possible be sold as vintage?), a big box containing a small wind charm (re-gifted from cousin B), a pair of luggage locks (pretty much useless now), two boxes of old staples, a pack of felt table leg pads and possibly curtain rings, and a slide box filled with metal wire shapes that looks somewhat curtain-related. Oh, and a bunch of loose vacuum-cleaner parts (may be useless as we've discarded the machine itself), old shower head, old thermostat, and old battery-operated suction cup fan. All threw into that shelf randomly. Looks like a partial result from dad's "reorganization". Yup, this house is a huge snow mountain. Touch it and it will avalanches. That's why I don't.

Energy level still low. Took a brake and went to see dad with mom. We stayed until he finished dinner, escorted him back to his room, and continued to LD to get shades for mom's cataract surgery preparations. Got brother's gang to come out and ate near LD. The girls were completely lost in their i-touch and cell phone. It's extremely sad that the next generation is like this now. This world is falling apart. Technology is killing the human future.

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