Thursday, May 03, 2012


After all these time, uncle and aunt Y finally got over a long cold and could visit dad. Aunt Y made some dumplings with super stinky veggie so we didn't eat any at the nursing home. (Dad would want to eat them all. We did give him a few, though.) Uncle and aunt Y had to leave first. Me and mom stayed until dad finished lunch. The original plan was to eat those dumplings at Metrotown's food court and then go to mom's appointment. However, the container was tipped upside-down, and the soup spilled all over the shopping bag. Moreover, the forks seemed to be unclean. I couldn't bring myself to eat any.

Picked up some bread at T&T's. Mom was impatient as usual so we went to the ophthalmologist a full 25 minutes too early. That place hasn't changed a bit since dad's last appointment. As expected, not enough chairs too. I was prepared, though, and brought along that fold-up stool I got for mom. Didn't think I'd be the first one to use it.

So, it's cataract all right. The doctor said it's the right time for surgery too and mom agreed. Not before one more test, though, at his other office. That doctor is super busy. Which means he's good, but I hope he has enough time for every patient and doesn't screw up.

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