Friday, May 04, 2012


Mom, not me. She cancelled lunch with aunt L's gang and I took her to see the doctor in the afternoon. Parking was not smooth. 3 circles and still no empty spot. Didn't know meters can display a "card only" sign. Lost a quarter before noticing. Tried to set up the pay-by-phone thing, but wasn't comfortable sending my credit card info over the cell phone. Luckily the 4th circle yielded a spot right in front of the clinic. Mom was done too, so I didn't even need to go upstairs to pick her up.

Went o the $2 store at IV. Left mom at the food court while I walked to Dressew to get some stuff I forgot last time. Only took half the time I thought. Then stopped by the bank to pay my visa bill. Could not resist visiting the bead store across the street. Came home and couldn't stop dosing off. Mom hates the dumpling from aunt Y so I was stuck eating them all. Now I'm gonna stink... (T_T)

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