Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Mom brought home all of dad's pants to add draw-strings. (As a device to prevent him from tearing up his diapers.) I just cannot understand why she insists of making draw-strings from scrap fabric. Yet she'd complain about being jailed in front of the sewing machine, and has no time to work on the back yard. So! I went to Dressew to get some ready-to-use ones. She still tried to stop me up to the moment I left.

Thanks to a sign at the mall saying "activities may be monitored", I wasted some time there and ended up with only 40 minutes to shop at Dressew. (Sorry, I get paranoid from actually getting a parking ticket at Safeway from "walking away". Evil...) With help from the staff, I got something I though would work. However, mom considers it too thin and said she'd sew them double up. My point of trying to safe her time from the sewing machine is completely broken.

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