Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Airport (1)

Cousin B's flight was early but luggage took forever. Picked them up successfully at 8:05. Arrived at dad's around 8:35. He was locked in his room, all naked with pee on his bed and floor. So mom stepped in and I went to get his clothes from the public bathtub room. It took some time before cousin B could actually talk to him. At the same time, I contacted brother and made restaurant arrangements. Cousin B brought dad munchies from Taiwan and Hong Kong. We stayed until 9:15. Met brother's gang at 9:30 at the restaurant. By the time we finished, it was 11. Got home, and soon received a call from cousin H as she promised (about cousin B's new flight confirmation code), They talked for an hour and bed time for them was about 12:30. Their flight is 11:45 next morning and we need to leave the house at 9. Not much sleep... (Yup, this post has fake time. It's actually 2:10 AM right now. I do that to keep the post within the correct day.)

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