Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New nursing home

The call came around noon. I must have missed a few. Dad will be moved to a new nursing home tomorrow. And it's normal practice to give only one day notice. (T_T) Well... we don't need as much preparations (like chest x-ray) like last time anyway.

So came the wave of phone calls. With dad's spitting, I'd like to use handydart if possible. But it's pretty much impossible to book the day before. Standing-by is too risky, so we have no choice but to drive him ourselves.

This can't come at a worse time. The vampire just showed up today and I'm feeling sick. Tomorrow will probably get worse. (T_T) Don't think mom and I can handle the move ourselves, so I asked brother for help. He's such a good fellow. He even offered to drive us all. Thanks~ He's also way smarter and more experienced. With his advice, I called up the new place to confirm the admission, and a bunch of questions so we'd be more prepared. Thanks!!

Yup, vampire is making me sick. (T_T) And I haven't has such a bad knock either. But nonetheless it came. Any delay would probably cost huge problems. (Yup, I'm pretty scared.)

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