Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Airport (2)

Aiming at leaving the house at 9, I set my alarm clock at 8. However, cousin B showers in the morning... at 7! Loud too. Despite my best effort, I only managed to go to bed at 3. (And of course couldn't fall asleep whenever I need to get up early.) I tried to fall back asleep and almost had it, but mom barged into my room and engaged me in an conversation. (I can't even remember what it was about.) But I got mad. Easily mad especially without sufficient sleep. Time seemed to pass so slow. I got up a little after 8, more or less as planned.

(I think mom was trying to pry me up to go to morning dim sum...)

Anyway, dropped off cousin B smoothly and went to buy some yen to send to T. A little grocery shopping right after. It was not even 11 when we started to head home. Then when I passed Dollarama, I remembered A said there's some sort of putty on red flag deals. So I went in with mom. Didn't find the putty even after asking a staff member, but found the last paper punch to complete the set. Mom got garbage bags. She was pushing to eat out so we went to the opposite corner of the mall to Timmy's. It was 11:15 and breakfast menu was still on. So we got breakfast sandwich. Slightly heavy. Mom was struggling to finish it.

Got home, tried to take some junk food pictures. (Cousin B just came back from Taiwan and brought us some exotic black peanuts.) As soon as I sat down I started falling asleep. It was like that all day until after dinner. Couldn't do much... couldn't even continue with T's mail. Not to mention S and L. And of course L's picture...

Cousin B also brought me the Pinkys from W. (Thanks!!!!) His packaging skill is art!

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