Thursday, March 29, 2012

Move (1)

The move. Again I failed to go to bed early and ended up with 3 hours sleep. Brother was early. I forgot to factor the vampire shower time in. Everyone was waiting for me. (T_T) Luckily the time was not as straight and we managed to get there more or less fine.

The staff prepared dad well. He just had a shower and was about to be dressed. We went upstairs to the office to finish the discharge procedure. The staff members were all very helpful. Thanks~ Dad tried to step onto the van directly skipping the step-stool... Even now he thinks he's fully capable... despite he's been using a walker... (T_T)

As expected, dad said he wants to go home. Mom kept telling him he can't because his spitting and incontinent are not cured. Dad then insists he's cured. Sigh... I have no idea how to deal with such situations and that's why I involved brother. And he's good at it. He distracted dad with "taking a look at that place first". Thanks... Wouldn't know what to do myself.

The new nursing home looks newer (it is actually newer), bigger, and nicer than the old one. Doesn't stink like urine (or old folks stink), and (supposed to) have a higher care level.

Unlike last time, no office staff gave us any meetings. We were greeted by the nursing staff at dad's room. Didn't seem like the other home sent them any info in advance. It was in the envelope when we checked out. Nevertheless they got some info. And we fill them with some more pointers, like, dad's clothes cannot be kept in his room as he'd dismantle them. His spitting, flushing things down the toilet, refusing diapers... etc.

I was in a cloud as blood sugar level fell. The nursing station was not always staffed. We had to get our admission package from the reception, which was missing all the forms. Somehow someone at the nurse station thought we've already handed the documents in, and removed them from the folder. OTL The receptionist didn't explain things too well... or was it my lack of sleep plus vampire? I had a very hard time understanding and filling the forms.

As usual, mom focus 200% of her attention and energy on dad while I struggled with documents. There were lots of stuff that I needed to ask her, but she disappeared with dad to the other dinning room. Finally I gave up fighting alone because brother was starting to get fidgety. Dad was eating lunch, but I had to interrupt. Then it finally clicked on me that not all forms need to be handed in today. So, we were about to hand in 2 or 3 and on out way out... only to see the reception's gate closed. The receptionist was out for lunch. Grrr.... should have filled all the forms at home.

Late lunch at 1. I was in such bad condition that I totally forgot to take a Pinky picture. (T_T) I didn't even eat breakfast. (T_T) (But didn't feel hungry either... but in a cloud.) Got home around 2. Mom immediately starting calling up a bunch of relatives to report dad's move. I started cleaning up e-mail, and sending out photos at the new nursing home.

Will need to pick up remaining laundry from the old nursing home tomorrow, and continue with paper work at the new one.

Forgot to call the post office again. Awwww...

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