Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The problematic batch of findings arrived. The bead caps are way larger than I thought. Failed... Just when I was starting to work on something, it happened. It was all my own fault. I placed a big plastic box with my recent WIP bead stuff on uneven footing while trying to quickly retrieve a box from the shelf. The plastic box fell. Instantly the floor was covered with beads. I went completely numb. I know something like this is gonna happen one day. And the day was today. I spent a lot of time on those beads. It was like all hope was lost. Then my phone rang. It was Dr. H. OMG the timing could not be more creepy. We updated each other. And that was the very last time I'd talk to him. I'll be transferred to somewhere else. Luckily it's close to my dad. Which solves my parking worries. Thank you God.

It took an hour to pick up the fallen beads. I forced myself to think positive... like perhaps I'd find stuff I dropped before that disappeared. At the end, I didn't find any previous beads, and I may still be missing some more from this time. Sigh...

Then brother called. Eat-out day today. They're taking care of 2 extra guinea pigs from a church friend who has left town for 2 weeks. So mom and I went to play with them after dinner. All 4 pigs had not worked out their packing order and was still fighting a little when put into the bigger exercise pan. But at the end of the night, they seemed to have settled the business. So, no pictures this time.

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