Monday, March 19, 2012


Got a suspicious phone call claiming to be from my bank. Mom answered and I subsequently took over. The other party speaks with heavy East Indian accent which I had trouble understand. Most importantly, that voice sounds like some of those scam calls we've got. (That computer error scam seems to be active again recently.) So I didn't give much info, took his (her?) name, and said I'd go directly to the bank. After speaking to mom, she decided to go with me to do some transfers herself. Turns out the situation was real. That person actually exists. However, mom's manager ended up helping me with my stuff, so I never get to meet that person. I owe him (or her) an apology...

Mailed 4 parcels which cost me 50+ bucks. My v card online signup seems to have failed. Need to call their head office to find out what's going on... (T_T)

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