Monday, March 05, 2012

Close call

Took mom and aunt L to visit dad around lunch. This is probably one of less than 5 times I've ever seen the floor clean. Dad was dressed properly too. (He usually takes off some of his clothes, if not unbuttoned or rolled up.) There seemed to be more staff around too. Turns out they were students. A fellow resident old lady chocked in the dining room, and all the staff including the students tried to help. They had to call the emergency medical staff through the intercom. People were rushing in, bringing equipments while one senior-looking staff perform the Heimlich. (Actually less experienced staff members tried to help but only got in the way.) The old lady's jaw locked and they had a hard time clearing her airway. She didn't look good. Luckily at the end, she seemed fine, and was sent back to her room to rest, with all the equipments and medical staff.

Didn't see Mr. H in the lunch room. A staff told me he felt sick after breakfast and was sent to the hospital. With the recent passing of Mrs. L, mom over-reacted a little.

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