Thursday, March 01, 2012


Annual cleaning today. Glad to know that my teeth are doing well and no cavities. I was 10 minutes late and by the time I sat down, it was probably 15. Done at 55. So, technically speaking, I only got 40 minutes out of the hour. The front desk screwed up and charged me standard cleaning. I skip the florid so her screw-up was easy to spot. But I don't know enough about the rest. Apparently it costs me $2 more to fix the mistake because the hygienist charged me 2.5 unit of scaling. (Which means scaling is more expensive than florid.) But at the end, did she charge me for work that she didn't do? How long is a "unit"???

Went to Richmond and hung out until 5:30. Sesame snaps and Kitkat were lunch. Oh I just had a cleaning and I immediately ruin it with candy.

Picked up some stuff again. Stuff that I think I might need. But not sure if I actually need them or not... Got a more compact and lighter folding stool for mom. She saw it and gave me the crap-eating face again. Sigh... (T_T) Either way, need to go return that other one.

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